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Define What HQ is.


HQ aims for innovative achievements through 

the development and training of curiosity.

We develop high-quality Products that foster curiosity and drive progress in life by using expertise, experiments and tools.


Brand Consulting

Brand Strategy/Trend Survey & Research/Designing Brand Identity
Brand Management/SNS Marketing/AD Planning
Event (Brand Launching, POP-UP Store, Styling Class)

Brand Design

Art Directing/B.I/C.I design/Web design/Package Design

Interior & Space Design/Styling & Decoration/Custom Furniture Design

Desert in Dark


High Quality Branding


Everything we do has to do with superior quality.  Today, quality is no longer just defined by channels, prices, and content. It is strikingly different, it means functional, and beautiful. We adhere to these principles and brand, which is our core growth engine.

Thoughtful Design


The best visuals are implemented through detailed and thoughtful understanding to make the user's brand experience enjoyable. It can be applied anywhere in graphics, space and video, which will add new value to your business.

Contextual Marketing


We now live in a world represented by change and uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. HQ proposes a clear analysis of content and innovative marketing that takes into account the times and social context.We have operational know-how to maximize contact points with high-quality products and consumers.


Social Responsibility

We think about generations, not quarters,

and we act responsibly in everything we do. We are constantly interested in health, the environment and culture and are willing to join us in solving contemporary problems and improving the lives of people around the world.

We make brands 
empower their vision through meaningful design solutions.




A group of creatives with expertise in different skills, provide innovative alternatives beyond the predictable.

Numbers in our team remain consciously small, while a solid network of professionals complements our work.

Every single project can be monitored at any stage, pending completion,

in a flexible and effective manner.

Designers communicate directly with clients, taking their needs into account, helping them gain their share in the domestic and international market. 

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DA727,520, Misa-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

T  +82 31 781 3699


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